Perfume Bottles – by Peter Raos

Millefleurs perfume bottles. Featuring some of my complex flower canes and a combination of coloured backgrounds in blues and greens and pinks. They look gorgeous with the light coming through. NZ$210 each (includes local shipping in New Zealand)
Email Peter for more information or to visit the gallery.

Perfume bottle #1 .
Pink Roses and flowers SOLD

Perfume bottle #2.
White flowers on green/blue/aqua background NZ$210

#2 White flowers on green/blue/aqua NZ$210

Standard shipping included


Perfume Bottle #3
Blue and white Roses & White flowers NZ$210

#3 Blue and white Roses & White flowers NZ$210

Includes standard shipping


Perfume Bottle #4,
midnight blue with white flowers. SOLD

Perfume bottle #5
Complex pink and white with rose canes on blue green SOLD

Perfume bottle#6
Autumnal green and gold background with wild flowers SOLD