Vases by Peter Raos

Peter Raos art glass Millefleur vases .

One of the things I enjoy is playing with new colour compositions which vary the amount of light through the piece. Here is a gorgeous series of small vases with Millefleur against my new favourite coloured backgrounds of amber and greens and blues I have made a selection of these this year in some lovely transparent colour backgrounds . Each composition includes some of my new complex flower canes or in the case of the Leaf vase a shift in style . A nice piece to add to your collection or as a gift for someone special. Click to buy with the Pay with PayPal button below the relevant slideshow. Shipping is included.

Vase pair #1 Vibrant ruby roses and White flowers .
These can be bought for $495 each or NZ$950 the pair. email Peter


Vase pair #2 Blue green background with blue and white roses white flowers.
These can be bought for $495 each or NZ$950 the Peter

Vase # 3
Pink and green vase with ruby and white roses .

Millefleur Vase in Pink and green – available




Autumn Leaves Vase

A new take on my Leaf design with a more stylised composition in transparent colours. Price includes shipping.