Impressionist Gardens

A prelude to my exhibition
-the one that never took place.

I was supposed to exhibit
this year at Parliament .
Covid, Trevor Mallard and
a bunch of protestors meant
it was all cancelled, until further notice.

Artists all work in unconventional ways
in my experience.I am no different .
I don’t like being told what to do but
I really appreciate good advice .
When my Parliament show was cancelled
/postponed someone suggested I do it online.

I have decided to share some of my creative
process before assembling the online
exhibition for the one that never was .
The selected works will follow but
first some images and a little background.

I started my glass career in 1979 after
graduating with a BFA from Elam School
of Fine Art. I have always loved art
and wanted to know about artists.
I am not solely into glass .I enjoy appreciating
many art forms. My chosen medium is
glass and it has been my full time
occupation for over 40 years.

Photography is something I really learned
to appreciate from John Turner(Elam) .
It has so many ramifications
and my view of photography was
expanded by the contact with the teaching
at Elam.Photography is now probably one
of the most central activities in our lives
with the advent of the smartphone.
For me it is my “photographic memory” ,
it helps me capture what I see and value
in some way.
Thanks Mr Turner.

So on to a little photo essay.

Cherry blossom.

I took this photo in our garden
about 20 years ago.
I wanted to somehow translate
the image into glass.

Almond Blossom

Vincent Van Gogh

One of my favourite Impressionist painters
and his very famous work.
The visual similarities with my cherry blossom
image gave me the idea of using
the Impressionist approach.

The Pale Blue Blossom vase – one of a kind NZ$4,800

Pale Blue Blossom vase

Height is 170mm or 6.75 inches. Shipping included. Pay securely with credit card via PayPal


My wife is a keen gardener and my studio
is literally surrounded by her living
compositions.Taking photographs of
gardens , ours and others gives me
a lot of reference material for my
glass compositions.

Persian Garden Vase NZ$4,800 – one of a kind .

Persian Garden Vase

Height is 240mm or 9.5 inches. Shipping included. Pay securely with credit card via PayPal


Impressionist Garden Vase NZ$4,800

Impressionist Garden Vase

Height is 210mm or 8.5 inches. Shipping included. Pay securely with credit card via PayPal


Hydrangeas have been a recent type of flower that has featured in my work.

Trees and their structure have been a long term study for me.

The end result is a body of work where I have tried to capture the joy of life in the garden and reflect it back in the form of glass.

Peter Raos 2022